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ACCESS publishes “The In-Car entertainment roadmap: A definitive guide to IVI” blog series

Blog series #1: Why does In-Vehicle-Infotainment matter to the Automotive Industry
Blog series #1 cover

Oberhausen, Germany – 16 January 2020 – ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it has today published the first blog in a series titled “The In-Car entertainment roadmap: A definitive guide to IVI.” To download the blog and sign-up for subsequent blogs, please visit:

This blog series, which launches today and will be published throughout Q1 & 2 2020, utilises ACCESS’ experience in developing its cutting-edge in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solution ACCESS Twine™ for Car and of deploying solutions in over 1.5 billion devices including IVI.

“We’re finding that the closer we get to next-generation IVI solutions being deployed, there’s more debate how to best provide these services, including in-car app stores and video content. We’re publishing this guide to make the choices clearer for car manufacturers and content providers by providing insights from the forefront of innovation as well as opinion on the best route map for IVI,” says Dr. Neale Foster, CEO, ACCESS Europe GmbH. “This debate matters more than ever before, with the IVI experience increasingly a key factor in the car purchasing decision as well as enabling OEMs to protect their brand through building much closer relationships with car drivers and passengers, negating the threat of major internet companies dominating the space.”

The blog series contents are:

1/. Executive Summary: Why IVI Matters
2/. Enabling the Car Industry to embrace next generation IVI
3/. How does content get to the car?
4/. Next generation radio and audio services
5/. Video: the ACCESS vision
6/. Video with ACCESS Twine™ for Car
7/. IVI in the future of the autonomous car
8/. Predicting the future of IVI

Foster concluded: “The presence of our software in over 1.5 billion devices including cars, TVs, mobiles and STBs as well as extensive experience in enabling digital media solutions, puts ACCESS in a unique position to provide insights and commentary on the future of IVI, both in the short-term and longer-term as we prepare for autonomous driving.”

Demand for internet-powered services in the car is becoming increasingly influential in car purchasing decisions. According to a Deloitte report, IVI is among the top three car purchasing criteria. This reality, combined with the fact that a new internet-first generation of car buyers is coming through, means it is no surprise that there’s increasing competition in the space. OEMs are vying with internet giants for the attention of car users when it comes to connected infotainment services such as audio and video streaming.

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